Every decision you make and process you implement at your school is designed for one thing, to build the best educational experience for your families that ipossible. This includes bringing in the technologies that will help to alleviate common stressors to make it easier than ever to manage their student’s education. 

1. Empowers them to manage payments on their terms.

Digital forms allow your families to make payments, sign up for volunteer events, and more from anywhere. This means they have the power to fill out the forms and make payments when it’s convenient and top-of-mind. A freedom they’ll appreciate.  

Check out our blog post, Top 3 Ways to Create a User-Friendly Form to start creating engaging forms that make it even easier to empower your families. 

2. Simplifies payment tracking to keep them up to date.

Seventy-five percent of your families prefer digital payment methods for the ease of digital receipts and transaction histories.(1)  Delight your families and meet them where they are with digital forms that provide them with automatic payment receipts and real-time transaction histories that they can access at any time. 

(1) 2018 DigitalPay survey

3. Eliminates the backpack abyss.

The backpack abyss – where field trip release forms and uniform fee reminders go to disappear until the night before they’re due – causes regular panic in every household. It’s a well-known stressor for families and educators alike, but it doesn’t need to be this way.  

Without paper to lose, your families no longer have to worry about the backpack abyss. They can find the forms they need quickly and easily from your school’s website.  

4. Gives staff more time to focus on family needs.

A good digital form solution should streamline processes in your back office – eliminating the tedious manual steps that come from tracking paper forms and managing endless excel sheets. With the time your staff saves using digital forms, they can focus on building relationships with your families and coming up with creative solutions to meet their wants and needs for the school. 

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