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Ways CampusPay can benefit your school

Save time

  • Powerful drag-and-drop tools
  • Create customized forms in minutes

Automate payment receipts

  • Custom payment receipts get emailed automatically to each payer
  • No more phone calls asking whether a payment has been received

Boost donations

  • Allow supporters to make secure payments online
  • Allow for easy recurring payment set-up
  • Easy and convenient

Streamline communication

  • Customize email notifications
  • Alert development office and accounting team every time a new payment is received

Reduce costs

  • Streamline donation acceptance and eliminate manual work for your business office
  • Offer payment flexibility for donors: ACH, credit, debit card

Improve reporting

  • Create custom reports to easily review and filter payment data
  • Quickly drill down to payment details

Promote school brand

  • Customize branding of all your payment forms
  • Match look and feel of your school website

Reconcile payments with ease

  • Reconcile all payments across campus quickly and accurately
  • Export payment details for seamless integration with your accounting system

Investing in new features you’ll love


Consistent font size, labels and input boxes


Updated action buttons with visual clues


Centered forms for easier visual walk through


Distinctive total button so it’s easier to identify


Improved tap targets with larger radio button and check boxes


Specify the target amount needed to reach the campaign goal.


Choose to automatically notify school admins of progress made towards goal.

We can help you increase donations.

General online giving trends

Higher loyalty rates

Custom-branded donation pages are 6x’s more profitable


More useful

Online resources are more useful compared to direct mail when influencing donors


Increase donations

Pre-selecting monthly giving on your donation page can increase monthly donations by up to 35%.


More profitable

Recurring Donors are +42% more profitable


“The first year we used CampusPay for our annual drive, we increased donations fivefold over the previous year.”

—George Hayes, Director of Development, Mount Saint Domenic Academy

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