Increase Donations with Recurring Payments

Remembering to submit payments was stressful enough before the dynamic changes of 2020. Fortunately, Diamond Mind CampusPay has the option to add Automated Recurring payments to any payment form. As you have likely experienced yourself, when recurring payments can be managed in an automated fashion, families have one less thing to worry about on their long list of tasks.

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All the Latest

New single sign-on experience

One User Name. One Password. Eighty passwords are a lot for one person to remember. And yet the average person has 70-80 passwords to manage regularly.* With a recent Diamond Mind enhancement, TuitionPay users no longer have to add to their long list of passwords to...

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CampusPay Goes Mobile

Last week, we rolled out a release to the CampusPay software specifically designed to help forms look cleaner and run smoother on mobile devices such as cell phone and tablets. We are so excited to bring you this update, which will allow you to create responsive forms...

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NBOA 2020 Conference

The 2020 National Business Officers Association Conference is just around the corner!  NBOA is always a highlight for the Diamond Mind team and is a great opportunity to connect with many of the business officers we work with on a daily basis.  If you are attending,...

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Campaign Fundraising Through Storytelling

A successful giving campaign is all about the story you tell. Inspiring donors to give back to your school year after year can be a challenge. Crafting a clear, compelling campaign narrative is key to engaging your audience so you can meet your goals and increase...

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Mobile Payments

Making Mobile Payments Easier for Parents

Speaking as a parent, I can say life without my smartphone would be nearly impossible. At the touch of a few buttons, I can check weather, buy groceries, pay bills, order diapers, and more–anywhere I am. Why do I love this? Because managing my day and my life through...

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