Payment Processing

Offer the convenience of online payments.

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Simplify, streamline, and reduce cost of online payments.

Real-time online reporting and export customizable reports with the click of a button

Flexible and customized rate structures to fit your school’s needs

Daily deposits—directly to your bank account
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Integrates with most 3rd party K-12 software products
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School website

Parents make online payments on school websites using the embedded Diamond Mind online payment form. Payments can include tuition, admission fees, donations, summer program registration, and more. Online payment methods can include eCheck (ACH), Credit or Debit Card.

Payment processing

Payment data is securely transmitted to Diamond Mind. The transaction authorization request is securely routed through the payment gateway to the payment processor. The payment processor handles authorization and settlement of the payment through the card or ACH network.

School’s bank

School receives funds after successful authorization. Funds are taken out of the payers bank and deposited daily into the school’s bank account.

School office

School staff can quickly and easily view, manage, report, and reconcile all payments. School managers can review all payments in one single view and filter payments by type, date, payment status, payer name, and amount to quickly drill down to payment details. This eliminates hours of manual, error-prone reconciliation effort each month.


Parents review online payments and can quickly see tuition payment history and update payment accounting settings—all in self-service fashion at any time, any place and on any device, without having to contact the school for information.

Simplify payment processing across your school today.

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