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Families love mobile. Give them the flexibility to pay anytime with MySchoolWallet! With just a few taps, they can make quick, secure payments to your school.

Make tuition payments effortless and save your office time by putting the power to pay in your families’ hands.

Make it easy for families to pay on the go.


Choose the options that suit your school’s needs

Intuitive to use

One step leads naturally to the next

Quick payments

Families can pay for everything from tuition to summer camp and PTO dues with just a few taps 

Boost on-time tuition

Families can effortlessly pay tuition with a tap

Save time

Families can update information and view payment history without contacting the school

Quick & Easy Implementation

Choose the options that suit your school need’s

Automated payment receipts

Families get immediate payment confirmation

Seamless integration

Export transaction details into your financial software

Get funds faster

Access your funds within 48 hours

Reconcile payments with ease

Choose the options that suit your school need’s


“The service is excellent and everyone I have spoken to is professional and extremely knowledgeable.”

— Carol Samano, Brooklyn Heights Montessori School

Simplify payment processing across your school today.

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