Schools are no longer limited to only accepting payments that apply to a specific program at your school. You can now expand the convenience of accepting payments on a mobile app to other programs on campus.

How is this possible?

Schools who use MySchoolWallet to collect payments can now collect for more than one merchant account. That means if your school has a separate merchant gateway dedicated to donations, and you have another gateway for admission or athletics, payments can be collected in the MySchoolWallet app for all accounts. If you are a current MySchoolWallet school, we can get your additional gateways added, just let us know!

Additional enhancements for payers

As for your community of payers, they also benefit from this new release of MySchoolWallet. The payment form in the app now makes it clear what credit cards will be accepted. The logos are displayed at the top of the payment form. You can’t miss it!

The March 2021 release of MySchoolWallet also included additional updates to enhance the user experience and fix some pesky bugs. 

Send us your feedback

As we continue to enhance the features of MySchoolWallet, we’d love to hear from you. Please send any feedback you have to

Reach out for a quick demo

In the past year, many schools have adopted MySchoolWallet as a convenient and safe payment alternative to cash and checks. The app has made it possible for schools to accept payments in a very mobile and social-distanced environment. 

If you are not yet offering this mobile payment option for your community, what are you waiting for? Reach out and we’d be happy to walk through a quick demo. 

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