Schools offering online access and intuitive tools for families to save time, money, and stress are growing their competitive edge in the PK-12 private education arena. Being able to offer these tools free to families helps ensure trust and provides time-saving value to both staff and families when it comes to tuition management, application forms, and purchasing needs.  

Our solutions are built to give private PK-12 schools and families secure online payment access, easy-to-use online forms, and purchase cards for staff. These solutions don’t have to be cost prohibitive and schools see benefits immediately from implementation including higher parent satisfaction, improved payment experience, and unique school branding power. Let’s take a closer look:  

  • With CampusPay, schools create branded, customized forms for any school need. CampusPay also provides payment flexibility for families including ACH, credit, and debit card payments. Concise reporting of all payment data is available with just a few clicks.  
  • MySchoolWallet meets families where they are. It boosts accessibility for busy parents to pay tuition at the best time that works for them. This increases on-time tuition payments and funds are credited more quickly to schools. Families can view payment history and update information without contacting the school. 
  • Purchase Card allows your staff to track and review all payments and status details online. Purchase card users report 77% cost savings when moving from a purchase-order process to purchasing cards.

Streamlining your fiscal operations can reduce your costs, increase your competitive edge, and reduce manual processing tasks. By using solutions built for your families and administrative team, you’ll have more time to devote to family relationship management and growing your student enrollment.  

With lower costs, and more digital power, the Diamond Mind Suite helps you manage all school needs affordably, expediently, and securely.  

Ready to see how these solutions can benefit your school? Talk to a rep today to get started at no cost.