COVID 19 has changed the way we look at summer camps, and in some cases has cast doubt on whether or not they can still happen. But according to reports from the CDC, there are a few immediate changes you can enact to make summer camp this year as safe as possible.  By simply ask screener questions to parents looking to enroll their children you can take preventative measures that will make a large impact on reducing potential spread. Want to learn about these questions? Check them out here!   

1. Do you agree to have your child wear a mask? 

The CDC encourages staff and campers to wear masks whenever social distancing is not possible. Most parents should have masks for their children already, but it’s good to check in and make sure they’re willing to have their child wear that mask for an extended period of time 

Additionally, keep spare masks on hand during the camp in case a child comes without one. This is also a good opportunity to create camp branded masks for purchase upon camp registration.  

2. Will you answer a brief daily survey before camp to check for COVID risk?  

Monitoring for symptoms should start before the kids come to camp. A simple survey asking for information on recent exposure or symptoms is a good way to evaluate risk ahead of time.  

For overnight camps, this will only need to be done at the beginning of the camp. For day camp, this type of survey would need to be completed once a day for the duration of the camp. 

3. Do you agree to regular temperature checks for your child?  

Another way to monitor for symptoms regularly is temperature checks. This is especially important at day camps when children will be coming in from home every day. Ensure that parents are comfortable with daily temperature checks and understand that their child will not be allowed to attend camp if they are running a temperature. 

4. How comfortable is your child performing basic hand hygiene?  

Keeping your hands clean is an important defense against COVID, but can be difficult for younger children. Check to make sure they know how to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. 

This is also a good opportunity to prepare your summer camp staff to teach and reinforce good hand hygiene with their campers. 

5. Can you be flexible with changes to protocol as we will be following CDC guidelines closely?  

As more research emerges and experts come to better understand COVID 19, guidelines change to better protect the people. It’s important to remain flexible with your summer camp protocols to keep you campers safe as well. This may mean packed lunches are required, no parents are allowed in the building, or contact sports need to be canceled. Be sure your families are prepared to be flexible with you. 

Are you separating your campers into cohorts this year?  

Use CampusPay‘s inventory management feature in your summer camp form to limit the number of campers in each group automatically at registration! Ask for a demo.