According to Boarding School Review, in the 2024 school year, there are 173 college-prep and junior boarding schools that offer summer programs which will serve over 70,000 students.

And as summer camps and programs continue to gain popularity, schools continue to grow and improve their summer program offerings to fulfill families’ expectations for their children’s academic and artistic needs.

Summer camps offer students of all ages opportunities for growth in community service, collaboration, academics, athletics, arts and meeting new young people like themselves. It’s valuable to keep in mind that summer programs also give schools the opportunity to recruit new students for the next school year. This is why it’s important to be able to have brand continuity with your K-12 private and independent or faith-based school and summer camp programs.

A school’s brand is more than just a logo and a mascot. It’s the sum of its experiences, values, and achievements. A well-crafted brand builds trust with prospective families. Consistency in messaging and visuals across all platforms – website, social media, printed materials – creates a sense of familiarity and professionalism.

Summer programs typically have a smaller staff supporting the programs and this includes taking and processing summer fee payments. Timesaving is an important consideration as part of your school’s planning. One of the immediate benefits of implementing an online payment solution is staff time will no longer be spent on manually processing check or credit card payments during the summer season. Families also benefit from being able to pay fees online at a time that works best for their busy schedules.  

A secondary benefit to using an integrated payment processing solution is the opportunity to elevate your school’s brand not only during the school year, but also during a busy summer camp school season.

When schools use CampusPay they can create customized forms matching the unique look and feel of their school’s brand and website. This maintains existing brand initiatives your school has and can also expand your school’s brand visibility to new camp attendees and their families.

CampusPay offers an intuitive interface for school staff and forms can easily be edited online in real-time. CampusPay also provides private, independent, and faith-based schools with helpful examples on how to build their own forms, such as a Standard Summer Camp Form, or a Supplementary Summer Camp form for families who might receive a discount for multiple weeks of camp. Schools might even choose to build a Non-Payment Summer Camp Form if they’re offering a free summer camp program and want to ensure they can still capture all the student information without collecting a payment.

Schools can easily reconcile payments and create customized reporting to track payments easily in their accounting systems. Each payer receives an automated email with a customized payment receipt, so your staff doesn’t have to field calls from families asking about the status of payments. 

Is your school ready to offer an easy payment experience for parents and staff? If your school is running a summer camp this year using a payment processing solution that integrates with other summer camp software solutions such as: Campium, CampBrain, UltraCamp, CampMinder, and others can be a game-changer.  

Make this the summer of less staff stress, branded, automated payment processing, and more family and student engagement!

To see how the CampusPay Solution helps schools reduce manual payment tasks, watch this under-a-minute video.

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