One User Name. One Password.

Eighty passwords are a lot for one person to remember. And yet the average person has 70-80 passwords to manage regularly.*

With a recent Diamond Mind enhancement, TuitionPay users no longer have to add to their long list of passwords to remember. Introducing SchoolCommunity ID!

As a customer of Community Brands, you can now use one login to access your different accounts across the Community Brands family of products. This includes CampusPay, the popular payment form builder used by many TuitionPay customers.

The single sign-on experience expands beyond TuitionPay and CampusPay. Schools who use the following solutions will also be able to switch to one login across multiple accounts too!

  • Diamond Mind TuitionPay
  • Diamond Mind CampusPay
  • Ravenna
  • TADS
  • SSS

Users just need to take a moment to link their current product accounts to their new SchoolCommunity ID. After that, log in is simple. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Simply click “Log in with schoolcommunity ID” the next time you log in to your TuitionPay or CampusPay account. We’ll walk your through the rest! 

*According to a 2020 study by password manager, NordPass