Latest release of MySchoolWallet offers parents more options and faster payments

Since 2019 parents have enjoyed the convenience of making payments and donations in just a few phone taps. MySchoolWallet, the mobile app from Community Brands’ K-12 private school solutions, makes that possible.

As more parents look to make contactless payments, investment in our mobile app is not slowing down. We have exciting things to come within the year, so keep a look out.

In the meantime, check out the latest release that includes multiple enhancements to help save parents valuable time.  Below is the full list of updates from the October 2020 release of MySchoolWallet.

  • Sign into one account across multiple devices
    Parents can now create a profile and save their school and payment information in a secure fashion. By creating a new profile, known as a schoolcommunityID, users will be able to make their next payment without reentering the standard profile information. This also allows users to log into the app across different devices.
  • Cost-neutral feature for donation payments
    When families make a donation to your school, they often want to be ensured that your school receives the full amount intended. They feel that the payment processing fee, no matter how small, should not be taken from the amount donated. Payers can now choose to absorb that processing cost with a simple check of a box. The total will be displayed below that check box so the payer can see the full payment, including the processing cost. This feature applies to donations and non-donation payments.
  • Improved load time
    No one likes watching a dial spin, which is why we’ve tweaked things on the backend so the payment process can quickly do its business, and payers can go about theirs.
  • Simplified school search
    Finding your school within the app is now more intuitive. Payers can quickly locate their school by typing in the school name or location. Say goodbye to scrolling through the full list.
  • School contact information added to school card
    It’s now easier than ever for payers to call or email your school when they have a question about their payment. From the school card, users can simply “flip” the card over to access your school’s phone number and email address. MySchoolWallet then uses the device’s default setting to quickly dial the number or compose an email. Users no longer need to toggle between apps – MySchoolWallet is one step ahead!
  • Updated Settings
    Users can now access their settings from the bottom right of the screen, alongside the other menu items. Once on the Settings screen, users will find an easier-to-use layout with icons and clearly grouped sections.
  •  Easy feedback option
    We are always looking for way to improve the mobile payment experience, and what better way than to hear from our payers directly? Within the Settings screen, under About, users can click Help improve MySchoolWallet where they can quickly respond to a single-question poll. There is an option to email the MySchoolWallet team directly as well. We welcome any and all feedback!
  • Option to share app
    Once parents have experienced the convenience of making payments on the go, they want to share their discovery with other parents. MySchoolWallet makes sharing the app a piece of cake. Under Settings and About, users will find the option to Share this app. Sharing can be done via SMS messaging or email. Parents and schools can even share the app to multiple families at a time by leveraging group lists. Check it out for yourself.

Not yet a MySchoolWallet user? If you are interested in making mobile payments available for your school community, please let us know. The Diamond Mind team is excited to share how your school can use the app. Contact us today!