Want to start 2020 off with a better way to take care of business? The MySchoolWallet app gives families the flexibility to pay anytime from their mobile device. The easier it is to pay, the more likely they are to pay their bills on time and without needing to call in to the office. With just a few taps, families can make quick, secure payments and donations.

MySchoolWallet provides payment flexibility and convenience to families but also saves your office time. You can reconcile payments with ease, automate payment receipts and seamlessly integrate payments into your school financial software, saving you hours of manual work each month.  How much time do you spend fielding those calls from families, or processing paper checks? MySchoolWallet can help you get that time back!

To learn more about MySchoolWallet, watch our intro video and our guide to getting started. We showcase real-life examples and use cases to illustrate how MySchoolWallet can be customized for your school’s unique payment needs.

Make giving effortless and save your office time by putting the power to pay in your families’ hands!

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