When you need to create payment forms or make edits to existing forms, you expect the process to be simple and straight forward. Everything you need should be clearly visible and there should be no guess work involved.  

At DiamondMind that’s what we strive for, and it’s the motivation behind our latest enhancements to CampusPay, our online form builder. In the March 2021 release of CampusPay, users will find updates that speed up the process of creating a form. For users like you, that means less clicks, less scrolling and clear next steps.  

Enhancements to speed up your workflow 

Below are some areas across the application where you’ll notice small changes that speed up your workflow or simply give CampusPay a more modern look and feel. 

A vertical navigation menu 

No more menu bar across the top of your page taking up valuable workspace. You will now find the CampusPay menu bar running down the left side of your screen. And, when you need more workspace to create or edit your forms, you can quickly collapse the menu by clicking the arrow button.  

A streamlined “Forms” page.  

Many users spend a lot of time viewing their list of forms. With a cleaner layout, more forms can be viewed without having to scroll down the page. You’ll notice the colors and icons visible on this page have a fresher tone. As you know, the Options” column on the right enables you to update form-specific functionality without having to open a new window. You’ll find the icons and the function they represent more intuitive, especially the “Publish” option. See screenshot below. 

Pictured: Old Forms List (Left), New Forms List (Right)

A friendlier UI when creating forms.  

From grouping related form fields, to aligning the buttons that direct you to your next step in the process, there are numerous tweaks that may go unnoticed. Those are some of our favorites. The changes may be subtle, but they are impactful when you consider the time it shaves off your form-creation process.  

If you have a question while building your form, hoover over the “i” icon to learn more about the particular feature when availableThese helpful tips were recently added to assist our users as well!  

Please send us your feedback  

The full set of updates were made to provide you with a more modern and cohesive experience. If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. You can share your experience by sending an email to k12payments@communitybrands.com.  

We value your opinion. 

You’ll occasionally see a pop-up question when youre logged into CampusPayPlease don’t be shy! It takes just a few seconds to share your thoughts and your feedback drives the direction of our product