Let’s make every day Taco Tuesday. 

The cafeteria is quite possibly the loudest, most chaotic room in your school. Students are excited to get a break from classes. Talking, trading desserts, or working in a mad dash to finish last night’s homework they forgot about.  

Your cafeteria workers are focused on keeping a clean kitchen, monitoring student food allergies, and managing a nutritious menu for your students. When a student comes up to pay and they must manage cash or resolve a low account funding issue, it slows down the line and adds to the chaos. 

No one needs that. 

As you start preparing for the Fall 2021 semester, consider going contactless for a lunch line that doesn’t stall. 

Get the Lunch Line Moving 

CampusPay makes it easy for parents and staff to manage student lunch accounts. No more slow-moving lunch lines or students speed eating to make sure they get done on time before class. With the lunch money preloaded onto student accounts, your school will enjoy:  

  • Less cash means fewer germs and less time spent making change 
  • Fewer incidents of forgotten or lost lunch money
  • Faster lunch lines with pre-loaded lunch accounts for each student
  • More convenient payments for parents
  • Easier account reconciliation to catch issues sooner
  • Fewer manual processes for your business office
  • Faster payment processing

With our pre-made templates, you can get started in time for the fall semester. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for the 14-day free trial and start freeing up that lunch line with online payments today!

Make things even easier with the MySchoolWallet app. This digital wallet allows your students to pay for their lunch with just one tap and makes it easy for parents to reload their student’s lunch account from their phones.