You Are Not A Bank

Your Are Not A Bank

Why Use a Mobile Wallet App

Your school is a safe haven and true partner to a lot of family operations. From physical fitness to arts enrichment and drop-in after-school care to tutoring, families depend on your special programs now more than ever.  Do you have the right tools to help you to continue to meet those needs?

A mobile wallet app makes it easy to create new sign-up forms, collect payment on the fly, and have all of the data at your fingertips. Gone are the days of tracking down information when you need it now. With the right mobile wallet app, your staff and volunteers can know who remembered to fill out a form and pay and who still has to do it.

How does using a mobile wallet app better equip you to do your job?

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  • What problems you can solve with a mobile payment
  • How to generate more revenue for your department
  • Focus more on your job instead of playing the role of bookkeeper

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