What do you do when your families don’t pay tuition or when they’re routinely late – wreaking havoc with your accounting? 

Do you just not let the kids in the school until they’ve paid?  

Do you go through a debt collector?  

While those are viable options, they don’t put the focus on family relationships. They can strain the relationships that you’ve worked so hard to build. 

Instead, meet your families where they are with online payment options they can use from anywhere. Take a multi-channel approach to give the power to pay in a way that makes sense for them and use it as a tool to build even stronger relationships. 

The Benefits of Multi-Channel Tuition Payments 

Using an online, multi-channel tuition solution can provide your school with a host of benefits, including:  

  • Improved family relationships 
  • Limited late tuition payments 
  • Fewer manual processes for your staff 
  • Less paper and cash to track 
  • Fewer trips to the bank for both families and staff

Build a Multi-Channel Tuition Solution for Your School with MySchoolWallet
and TuitionPay 

MySchoolWallet paired with TuitionPay by Diamond is a simple and efficient way to build a multi-channel tuition solution for your school. With over 30 years of experience in the K-12 space, Diamond Mind understands the needs of schools and families when it comes to tuition.  

We took that expertise and applied it to TuitionPay and MySchoolWallet to create a multi-channel tuition payment solution that not only provides the benefits you’ll get with any other solution but gives your schools so much more:  

  • Flexible payment plans are designed on a family-by-family basis to meet their individual needs 
  • Empowered families can not only pay tuition from their app, but any school payment from lunch money to field trip fees and more 
  • Instant transaction histories take away the guesswork and help your families feel confident in their tuition payments 
  • Robust reporting enables your staff to quickly follow up on any late or missing tuition payments 

Interested in getting started with your school’s multi-channel tuition payment solution? Reach out today!