Electronic payment acceptance is a boon to the independent school business officer.  Not only do you receive payments more quickly, you eliminate the paper trail and hassle that comes with paper checks and manual deposits.  Reports are generated with the click of a mouse and daily tasks are simplified.  What’s not to like?

But none of these benefits will materialize if families aren’t aware of the online payment option and choose to write checks by hand.  Here are some recommendations that will result in an increase in efficient electronic payments at your school.

  • Publicize the online payment feature.  Just because it exists doesn’t mean families know about it, especially if it’s a new option at your school.  Let families know about this convenience via e-mails, newsletters, and all of your school-to-family communications.
  • Place a “Make a Payment” button directly on your homepage to ensure the payment feature is easy to find on your website.  If a payer becomes frustrated searching for a payment link buried in a remote spot on your site, they might become frustrated, give up, and your payment is delayed.
  • Enable Automatic Payment Plans for online tuition payment acceptance.  Families can choose a payment plan customized by your school, register, and relax knowing their payments will be on time.
  • Include a payment link in your e-mail signature, and leave a payment portal web address on your billing office voicemail greeting.

Are online payments not yet an option for your families? Learn how tuition management is made easy with TuitionPay.