Purchase Cards (P-Cards) are a great tool to manage classroom and event procurement in your school, but did you know you can use them for a lot more? 

 Simplify your procurement processes, empower your staff, and earn rewards while doing so with a P-Card for your school. There are many typical reasons our partner school uses P-Cards. Here are five out of the box ones.  

1. Consolidate your school’s bills  

Receipts, staples, paper clips, phone pictures, paperwork, more paperwork – there are many tedious, redundant pieces to submitting expense reports and invoices. Save staff time and pay all your vendors with a P-Card instead.  

With automatic billing, your school can consolidate payment for everything to one account. Look for a P-Card that has one invoice per school, per month – regardless of the number of Cards being used by the school. And a provider that offers an option to pay bills digitally, without the need for a physical card is even better. Look for someone who offers the (not even a little bit scary) ghost card option. 

2. Beep, beep! Take the speed bumps out of transportation transactions  

There is a national bus driver shortage, which means every minute of their workday should be freed up so they can perform their specialty – driving the bus. 

Empower your bus drivers and give them greater flexibility when it comes to fueling up or getting maintenance done. Whether they are finishing up their morning route or taking a busload of mathletes or football players, give your drivers the tools they need to be efficient with their time.  

3. Put the fun back into field trips 

As you start going on field trips again, you have the opportunity to streamline and modernize your processes. Gas for the bus, tickets for the experiences, clothes from the gift shop after a student runs into a fountain – with a P-Card, your teachers can take control and ownership of the trips. And, chaperones are not burdened with unexpected expenses, making the experience great for everyone! 

4. Fine-tune your fine arts supply spending 

A flexible spending solution is required when building a fine arts program (and set for that matter!) – as supply chains struggle and goods and services donations fluctuate. One year they may need to finally update the polyester band uniforms, and another year they may need new sheet music or set design supplies.  

 No matter how the budget is spent – even as the dollar amount remains the same — a P-Card best supports your program directors’ needs as they build the programs your students deserve. Look for a solution that allows you to set parameters around budgets and where the card can be used. No need to get too fancy with the bands’ hats. 

5. Make celebrating students joyful again 

Now that classrooms are a flurry with students learning and achieving, there are achievements worth celebrating. From ribbons to pizza parties and duct tape (Stick it to the Teacher anyone?), most classrooms hold celebrations.  

As fun as itemized receipts, manual expense reports, and petty cash withdrawals are for your teachers and front office staff – perhaps seek an easier way to pay. A P-Card empowers teachers and learners alike and they work toward their goals.  

Streamline expense management — from pencils to pizza — at your school with a purchase card from Diamond Mind. Ask us how to get started today.