Schools have become more nimble in their regular schoolyear activities, and as we see summer camp plans shaping up, that pattern continues.  

Summer camp plans in 2021 are running the gamut 

Some schools are hosting in-person camps as usual but with masks and social distancing measures. Some have decreased their class sizes, while others are offering virtual camp options

Regardless of your exact plans, it’s likely you need to gather student information well before summer comes around. However, as with everything this year, we know final decisions are being made later than usual. As a result, summer programs need to be pulled together faster than ever.  

Three new CampusPay templates to meet your summer camp needs 

Our experts at CampusPay have taken action to help get summer camp forms built in record time. When schools log into their CampusPay account to create a new form, they will see three new templates built specifically for summer programs. Users can choose from the following templates to get summer camp forms up in no time (and at no additional cost): 

Standard Summer Camp Form (template #5): This simple template captures the basic details needed and includes a payment option at the end. Its perfect for getting your form started. Add your program branding and any additional fields to make it your own! 

Supplementary Summer Camp Form (template #6): Schools can use this template in conjunction with template #5. It’s perfect for times when families receive a discount for multiple weeks of camp. 

Non-payment Summer Camp Form (template #7): Offering a free summer program? Use this form to capture the important student information without collecting a payment.   

Current CampusPay users can start using the templates today. Look for templates #5, 6 and 7, found in your “Forms List.” You can edit the template that best meets your needs or make a copy in order to keep the original template intact for future reference. See screenshot below. 

If you are not yet a CampusPay user, no sweat! (summer pun intended)  

Schools can trial the CampusPay software at no costs and take advantage of these templates. Experience for yourself how easy it is to build an online form!  

 If you decide to move forward with a CampusPay account, you can keep the form you built. There’s no need to rebuild your forms under a new account – it’s hassle free. Contact the DiamondMind team to get started with your free trial!