Small independent schools take on an immense amount of work with very small staffs. Something as crucial as collecting payments for tuition or reconciling accounts could easily take precious hours with one person sitting in front of their laptop working through QuickBooks entries.  

It’s 2021. Why are so many schools are still using these tedious manual processes when so many optimized digital solutions exist? School administrators have A LOT on their plate, and their time is far too valuable to be stuck on office management tasks such as these. 

To better understand the small school culture, I turned to my dad, a co-owner of a Montessori school and expert in information systems. He is known for honest opinions and offers a healthy dose of skepticism. I wanted to see what held him back from something like an online tuition management system, and the conversation sparked the Conversations with a Skeptic blog series. 

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The Concern: We don’t have the resources or time to manage online tuition.

How many people in your school manage the business side of things? One? Two? If you’re lucky, maybe more. 

And, chances are, they aren’t just managing the business tasks. They’re probably doing quite a lot to create the educational experience your families deserve. 

For my parent’s school specifically, my stepmom manages most of the backend business items while also acting as the school administrator. She’s handling tours, enrollment, tuition, event planning, human resources, and more. Because she is so busy, anything that could save time would be of great interest.  

But what about the startup time? That was one of my dad’s concerns around starting with an online tuition solution – the actual time that would go into training and managing it. Even if you feel you have the time to get a new tool up and running, the continued management may feel out of reach. 

There are no immediate fixes, just smart solutions. All new software will require training, set up, and some regular management. A smart solution and smart partner will understand that your time is valuable and design set-up, training, and management to be a seamless and efficient as possible. 

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Tuition Management for a Small Staff

We created TuitionPay to be that smart tuition management solution, and our client services team is ready to be your smart partner. 

What does our smart online tuition management solution look like? 

It has customized training with experts in the industry, streamlined processes with minimal management needed, automated reconciliation, and simple reporting. Once you’re set up with TuitionPay, everything should be smooth sailing.  

TuitionPay’s seamless integration with QuickBooks and automatic reconciliation will bring your school into the modern age. It means less time scouring spreadsheets for missing payments and more time taking care of your school and families.  

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