The dues being collected by your PTO Treasurer play an important role in your school.  

From things as simple as office supplies to decorations for the next big fall festival, these dues help to build a community in the school and provide an excellent experience for students and teachers alike.  

So why wouldn’t you make collecting dues as simple and secure as possible?  

Ditch the Cashbox and Collect Digital Dues.

1. Simple online and mobile payments make it easy for parents to pay on time.  

How often are you sending reminders home in backpacks, via email, or the principal’s newsletter? Parents are busy. We all know this. 

The easier you can make PTO due payments, the better. Providing an option to pay dues online or from a phone in just a few taps gives your parents and families the flexibility to pay PTO dues. 

2. Digital PTO due payments are more secure. 

Collecting payments in a cashbox may be a convenient option, but it’s not secure. It can easily be misplaced, stolen, or broken – not a great option for keeping cash and checks safe from the elements or unscrupulous people.  

Digital payment solutions like CampusPay by Diamond Mind, which was specifically designed for K-12 schools, will keep your PTO dues secure every step of the way. When used in tandem with a digital wallet like MySchoolWallet, not only can payments be made from anywhere in a few taps, but you can rest easy knowing everyone’s data is safe and secure. 

Interested in learning more about the differences between peer-to-peer payment apps and digital wallets designed for K-12 schools? Watch our Digital Wallets for K-12 Schools on-demand webinar.

3. Streamline PTO accounting practices. 

Keeping track of PTO income is vital if you want to meet all of your goals for the year.  

Entering cash and check payments by hand into excel workbooks or even basic accounting software is not only time-consuming, but it puts your accounting at risk of human error.  

Digital PTO due payments help you automatically reconcile your accounts, giving you greater confidence in your accounting. Not to mention, your parents will appreciate the ability to receive real-time payment confirmations for their records. 

 Ready to get started? Sign up for the 14-day free trial and ditch the cashbox.