It’s no secret. Teachers love their students, and they want to create the best learning environment possible to see them succeed. 

It’s also not a secret that meeting each student’s individual needs can get overwhelming and expensive. Everything from inviting and educational decorations to flexible seating options and basic classroom tools plays a role in this building this environment.  

Your teachers are planning for all of it, especially as we come into the Fall 2021 school year. They will finally have their kids back in their rooms again and are eager to make it a great school year. 

Using a Purchase Card is an effective way to empower your teachers to build these classrooms while maintainincontrol of your budget. 

Classroom Design & Resources without the Headache 

It’s generally well-known amongst teachers that creating a welcoming environment for students is a crucial step in fostering learning.  

Creating that environment is more than just the posters and wall decorations, it’s the seating arrangements, behavior management resources, books, spare supplies, and so much more. And, if you have ever been to a teacher supply store or discount bookstore during back-to-school sales, you know it is a lot of work to get everything you need to build a classroom.  

Having to track receipts for reimbursement or count out change from their petty cash fund while holding up a line of 20 other teachers also trying to resupply their classrooms, just makes things even more complicated. 

Giving your teachers a purchase card with a set budget, rather than dealing with the headaches of reimbursement benefits everyone:  

  • Streamlined accounting with set budgets for each card eliminates receipt tracking, manual reconciliation, and cash management 
  • Greater flexibility and confidence for teachers to create welcoming classrooms designed to foster learning 
  • Extra cash for the school with no cost, no cap cash back every time your teachers use their purchase cards 
  • Improved visibility into spending with robust reporting tools

Empower your teachers to create the classroom they need to properly welcome their students back next fall with a purchase card from Diamond Mind.