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Campaign Fundraising Through Storytelling

A successful giving campaign is all about the story you tell. Inspiring donors to give back to your school year after year can be a challenge. Crafting a clear, compelling campaign narrative is key to engaging your audience so you can meet your goals and increase...

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Mobile Payments

Making Mobile Payments Easier for Parents

Speaking as a parent, I can say life without my smartphone would be nearly impossible. At the touch of a few buttons, I can check weather, buy groceries, pay bills, order diapers, and more–anywhere I am. Why do I love this? Because managing my day and my life through...

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Announcing SchoolCommunity

Diamond Mind and Community Brands are thrilled to announce the new SchoolCommunity platform connecting our leading solutions for schools. Through single sign-on and two-way data integration, this platform empowers you to choose from a best-in-class portfolio of...

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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Campaign Guide!

It's not too late to initiate a Giving Tuesday Campaign at your school! If you're looking for a plan for Giving Tuesday or any future fundraising campaign, read through these suggestions to help you get ready then download our guide. Here are some thoughts to get you...

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PCI Compliance

Learn More About PCI Compliance

PCI compliance refers to meeting the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a must when an independent school (or any merchant) accepts credit or debit cards for payments. Once implemented, maintaining PCI compliance is an ongoing effort, and for many schools,...

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Letter Writing

Eight Tips for a Successful Fundraising Letter

Rising campaigns are important contributors to school budgets, and independent schools routinely send out annual pleas for fundraising dollars.  To simplify your school's next campaign kick-off, here are some tips for effective fundraising solicitation letters:   Be...

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